Injection injection for the treatment of various muscle diseases in cattle, sheep, horses and small animals. For the treatment of vitamin B12 , trace elements and mineral deficiency ( as may occur with fatigue ), convalescence, stress caused by transportation, delayed muscle function in young animals, bringing condition in to racehorses, myopathy-dyspnea syndrome in calves, white muscle disease, muscular dystrophy in herbivores, stiff lamb disease, enzootic paraplegia in lambs, myositis in horses, azoturie and the like.

Features: Vit . B12 plays an important role in blood formation, the formation of nucleic acids and the catabolism of glycosides.
It is important in the construction of the myoglobine core.
Selenium is assigned to play an important role in the muscle cell metabolism and the integrity of cell membranes.
Biodyl is also widely used to give horses that extra energy they sometimes need.
Biodyl has a positive effect on energy metabolism and muscle metabolism.
Horses are not tested positive using Biodyl.

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